Ancestral Gift Discovery Session

Recognize Your Gifts Through Your Ancestresses

Reveal the truth of who you are.
Your ancestresses hold the key.

In this 60-minute online session, I will guide you through a personal exploration of your ancestral gifts.

  • We will start with a guided visualization to connect you with your ancestresses.
  • Next, I will guide you through a reflective exercise to explore the gifts that have been passed down through your female ancestors.
  • Through a combination of intuition and insight, I will help you recognize the ancestral patterns that have been influencing your life so you can find a new path forward to make use of your gifts.
  • We will close with a gratitude prayer to thank your ancestresses for their guidance and support.

Hi! I'm Cyndie Kramer

As an Ancestral Healing & Empowerment Coach, I guide women in midlife who feel like they don’t know who they are, to rediscover their true selves by connecting with their female ancestors, so they can finally understand who they are and who they are meant to become.  

Included with your session:
  • A video recording of your session to review anytime
  • Suggested spiritual tools to help you continue on your journey of self-awareness
  • Anytime support within my free Facebook community

"My mom had passed away just 4 months before, and I was feeling lost, confused, angry, and trapped in life, as well as work. Since working with Cyndie I've been putting my self-limiting beliefs behind me, and charting a new course to find my real passion in life. I'm so set in my ways, and hate to disappoint people so I feel I have to continue the way things are ... but now I'm trying to break free and stop holding myself back, because of Cyndie."
~ J.P.

"2020 had been a difficult year for everyone and I was hoping for guidance to help me navigate the coming year. This resonated with me on many levels, both in the insights into my present life (upheaval within my family, disconnection from the spiritual world and subsequently looking for fulfillment in material things) and my future aspirations of rediscovering my spiritual side and stepping into my own power and self expression. I found Cyndie empathetic and very easy to talk to, I would highly recommend her."
~ L.E.

"Cyndie has simplified my career, relationships and future plan for the upcoming year. I really love her gentle approach and she has picked up on something that has been bothering me, and that really surprised me. I followed her advice of being patient and just taking the step by step approach. I recommend her to anyone and I wish her the best."

You might be asking...
Why only look at my female ancestors, wouldn’t all my ancestors have an influence on me?  

Yes, all your ancestors do have an influence on you. But I believe women are more influenced by our female ancestors for three main reasons:  

1) On a biological level, the experiences and emotions of our female ancestors get passed down to us directly through our time growing in the womb.  

2) On a societal level, the expectations of who we are meant to be and how we are meant to behave as women are often primarily taught to us by our mothers and other female family members.  

3) On a personal level, our relationships with our mothers, particularly as children, often have a greater effect on who we think we are than any other relationship in our life.  

Additionally, as our previous several generations existed under a primarily patriarchal society, the stories of many of our female ancestors remain hidden. By focusing on our female ancestors, it allows us another pathway to honor our feminine nature and let the stories of our female ancestors be told.  

Why look outside, to my ancestors, instead of looking inside myself? Isn’t this just blaming others for what happens in my life?  
Actually, the opposite is true. This type of work is absolutely about looking inside yourself, and what’s inside you comes from your ancestors. We aren’t looking to blame your ancestors but rather to learn about them with compassion and understand their influences on you so that you can then choose what to embrace and what to release.  

Why do you only work with women in midlife, wouldn’t this be able to help women of any age?  

Yes, this work is helpful for women of any age. But I feel it is best suited for women in midlife because this is a natural time of contemplation and self-reflection for many women.  

- They may realize they are halfway through life already and begin to question what they have achieved and what they still want to accomplish.  

- They may be experiencing changes in family relationships and the roles they play within their family, which has made up a big part of how they see themselves.  

- They may be contemplating whether their work is fulfilling and whether they can make a more meaningful contribution to the world doing something else. Or if it’s time to retire, what they should be doing instead of work.  

- They may have a greater maturity and wisdom that enables them to see life from a different perspective than when they were younger.  

- They may be thinking about how they want to be remembered by their children and grandchildren.  

What if I don’t know anything about my ancestors?

In most cases, whatever information you do know will usually be enough. Interestingly, unknown information can often emerge quite quickly when you connect with your ancestors and make them aware that you are interested in knowing about them. If you are really at a loss for information, let me know and I can help get you started.  

What if I was adopted? Can I still do this work?  

Yes, absolutely! There are actually two ways you can do this work. If you only know your adopted family, we can focus on the history of that family and the aspects that were passed down to you through your upbringing and conditioning. If you also know about your birth family, we can also look at the history of that family and the aspects that were passed down to you biologically. And in either case, you will have spiritual connections with the ancestors, which we can explore. (If you don’t know your birth family, but would like to, I can help you with that too. Just reach out to me.)  

What if I don’t believe I can connect spiritually with my ancestors?  

This work combines the intellectual, tangible and practical nature of genealogy with the emotional, esoteric and spiritual nature of ancestral healing. In order to be successful with this work, you should at least be open to considering that a spiritual connection with your ancestors is possible. If you’ve ever seen a cardinal and considered it a sign of a loved one who passed, or if you’ve ever found comfort in the thought that a loved one who has passed is looking down on you, that is all the belief you need to get started.  

If you have any other questions that would help you know if this is a fit for you, please email me.