Your ancestors have waited your whole life for this moment ...
and the next!

Recognize and Embrace the Gifts of Your Origins is a collection of personal stories and healing practices to help you discover, recognize and enhance the unique gifts you were born with. 

In each of the 26 chapters, the authors share their inspiring and heart-warming stories of connecting with their ancestral gifts and give an interactive tool to help you learn how to tap into the ancestral gifts you were born with. 

In my chapter, Awaken Through Your Ancestresses: Reveal The Truth of Who You Are, I share the story of how I discovered my true self by learning about my unknown grandmother. I invite you to create a new kind of family tree, looking to your female family lines to identify the combination of ancestral gifts and burdens that have shaped who you are.

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In addition to my chapter Awaken Through Your Ancestresses: Reveal The Truth of Who You Are, this collaborative book includes personal stories and interactive experiences from the following amazing authors:

- In Embrace Your Ancestors: Recognize the Gifts You Were Born With, lead author and Ancestral Eye Reader 
Amy Gillespie Dougherty helps you connect with your ancestors using automatic drawing for clues and information about your gifts.

- In An Ancestral Call to Keep the Memories Alive: Lighting the Flame of Ancestral Destiny
Megan Reilly Koepsell takes you on a guided visualization into the Yew Tree grove of your ancestors from more than 2,000 years ago for a family reunion.

- In Opening Your Akashic Records: Contacting Your Soul Guides for Advice
Ariann Thomas teaches you to open your Akashic Records to access  information from your ancestors.

- In A Plant Cutting from Grandma: Energy for Growth, Nurturing and Self-Love, Intuition Coach and Teacher 
Carolyn McGee teaches you to connect to your nature aspects by tapping into the power of plants, the elements, directions, and animals

- In The Gift Bestowed to You: Expanding and Acknowledging Your Intuition Through Tarot, Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Reader 
Jasmine Wallace teaches you to use a three-card tarot spread to learn more about your ancestors and your life.

- In Activating the Healer Within: How to Harness the Power and Wisdom of Your Inner Child, Intuitive Channel 
Katie Sutton guides you to activate the healer within you to unlock your personal codes and keys.

- In Heartstrings: Sacred Connections to Mentor You
Star Studonivic introduces you to the amazing gift of calligraphy and teaches you how to reach out to your guides and ancestors to assist you with your gift.

- In Ancestral Roots: Sacred Bonds with Earth and Her Creatures, Ancestral Clearing Practitioner 
Elizabeth R. Kipp teaches you meditative listening in the garden to access the wisdom of your ancestors.

- In The Courage to Follow Your Heart: Accessing Your Intuition in Any Moment, 
Frank Byrum teaches you to connect with your ancestors and higher guidance through a prayerful and mindful interactive experience.

- In Wheels of Change: Elemental Template for Clarity in Your Life
Amanda DeCarlo teaches you to create change in your life through your own personal medicine wheel.

- In So Many Gifts, So Many Stories: Automatic Writing to Enhance Personal Power, Metaphysician 
Marcia Colver Reichert teaches you automatic writing in order to get very specific answers, drawing from your amazing pool of spiritual sponsors.

- In The Gift of Sight: Alchemizing Your Experiences Using a Daily MRI, 
Aundrea D. Veney shares her amazing mindfulness practice, used to digest dreams, messages, and thoughts, to manifest the world and reality you choose, without judgment.

- In Awakening Hidden Wisdom: Finding the Answers to Your Prayers
Misa Hopkins brings you access to a 1,000-year-old meditation practice in Feminine Consciousness.

- In Activating and Awakening Ancestral Gifts: You Are The Medicine of Your Lineage, Generational Healing Teacher and Spiritual Guide 
Crystal Rasmussen guides you to invite your ancestors to step forward, surround you, support you, and be ready and willing to communicate with you.

- In Heeding the Call: A Beginner's Guide to Embracing Your Gifts, Intuitive Artist, Mindfulness Practitioner and Energy Healer 
Shelly Raggl Young teaches you to listen for the whispers of your soul.

- In Moon Messages: Embracing the Mystery of Your Human Experience, Spiritual Coach 
Dottie Lamoureux invites you to remember that we can be related to our ancestors by consciousness or blood.

- In Exploring Artisan Crafts: A Path for Self-Discovery, 
Donald R. Dodson, Jr. teaches you not only to craft your own leather journal cover, but also to use it as a tool to go within, in meditation, to reach out to your ancestors and inner guidance.

- In The Cathartic Process of Writing: Healing the Metaphysical Root Cause of Pain, Reiki Master, Energy Healer and Intuitive Medium 
Lisa M. Saxton guides you through letter writing to those who have passed, as a cathartic healing experience.

- In Queer Forgiveness: Healing Our Mother Wound with the Divine Feminine, Spiritual Counselor 
Rev. Elizabeth McCain guides you through a ritual of forgiveness and repair, particularly for old family ancestral patterns, to effect healing for all.

- In Unlocking the Secret of Time Travel: Rewire Your Brain by Rewriting Your Love Story, Writing Coach 
Tanio McCallum introduces you to “writes of passage,” the act of rewriting your story, and that of your ancestors.

- In You Can Take This Coat and Shove It: Breaking the Shackles of Religious Abuse to Discover My Own Sovereignty
Bernadette Pleasant takes you on the "Emotional Tour" to further your life’s purpose.

- In Ancestral Relationships: Deepening Intimacy to Enrich Understanding, Akashic Reiki Master 
Laura Mazzotta invites you to call in the memory or vibe of your ancestor to set a sincere intention and provide a safe and enticing holding place for your ancestor to arrive.

- In Anointing: Hidden Secrets to Activate Your Intuition, Spiritual Healer 
Rosemary Levesque shares with you a daily practice of anointing with essential oils, which allows you to manifest your intentions.

- In The Courage to Find Yourself: Pushing Off the Shore of Safety Into the Unchartered Sea, 
Jill Sonnek teaches you to access your guidance, using the reflection and energy from a mirror and the auric field.

- In Conversations With Mom: A Lesson in Receiving Gifts From Your Ancestors, 
Arielle Jones teaches you a daily practice of appreciation as a means of connecting in order to grow your awareness of received communication.

We hope you find in this book a whole new way to unravel the mystery of you, and we believe your ancestors have waited your whole life for this moment: the day you seek to recognize and embrace the memories, gifts, interests, skills, and abilities they bestowed upon you.